A Curriculum management platform for Education and Live Broadcasting

Who we are

An integrated system for managing educational content, virtual classes and live broadcasts.

Help to change the educational policy from indoctrination to activating the student’s role in the educational process by enriching discussions, creative thinking, developing research mechanisms and how to obtain information.


Our Services

Live Broadcasting

We provide an interactive platform (E Learning Platforms) that provides direct communication between lecturers and students in virtual classes with audio or video (Unlimited audio or Visual Virtual Classes) that enables effective communication over the Internet.

Recording Lectures

The system provides the ability to record lectures
(Session Recording with Cloud Storage)
Review recorded lectures and replay them more than once in a timely manner for each student
(Review of lectures And run them more than once Just in time for every student)
- Recording attendance for the student and sending a mail to the student automatically to record the transcripts immediately for the end and follow up of the student's listening to the recorded lecture in the event of his absence.
(Register attendance for the student and send mail For the student)

Premium tools for the lecturer

1 Easy desktop display for lectures (Share teacher desktop)
2. Share the virtual whiteboard with students.
3. The ability to play a video file directly in the platform (play a video file).
4. The ability to download presentations (Power Point presentation).
5. Upload files (Pdf, Xls, Doc) to the platform for students to review.
6. Instant messaging between students and the teacher.
7. File sharing directly with students (file sharing).
8. Asking brief questions (Quiz) during the lecture.
9. Answers from students, whether questions requiring (yes / no) or various.
10. Immediate result upon completion to ensure students' understanding and interaction.

Full control for the records

1. Allowing the student to speak with audio and video.
2. The ability to control student participation in groups.
3. Close the microphone or camera to one student.
4. The ability to control student participation in the curriculum.
5. Turn off all cameras or the microphone.
6. The ability to control student participation in the tests.
7. Setting a specific time and date to activate the default class.
8. Setting conditions set by the lecturer for a group.
9 Allow or prevent registration for the virtual class.
10. Establishing conditions specified by the lecturer for a specific student.
11. Activate (waiting hall) with or without approval for the student to enter the virtual class.
12. Directing / suspending a specific student from attending the virtual class.
13. Prior approval from the lecturer to allow the student to enter the virtual classroom.
14. Take out / suspend a group of students from attending the virtual class.

An interactive learning environment

1. The system provides the ability to download the curricula directly to the platform and in an interactive way that is easily accessible by students and lecturers.
2. Download the interactive educational curricula according to the SCORM standard, which allows the display of video files with the ability to ask questions to the student. The video is not completed until after the correct answer and in the event of the wrong answer 3. The previous section is re-presented and the student has not completed this section.
4. The system provides the ability to put links outside the platform (Internet link) or download files (Pdf, Xls, Doc….).
5. Ease of sending and receiving files from students without being restricted to a specific time or place, and following up whether or not students see the files and tests.
6. The lecturer helps to follow up the students ’completion of the curriculum, which they are supposed to review, and assign them to do the tests and activities according to specific time and dates.
7. Not to move from one section to another or from a lecture to another without finishing the previous section.
8. Ease of organizing interaction and discussions within a virtual forum for each lecturer that provides academic guidance to students and contributes to solving their academic problems.

Electronic whiteboard

In the virtual classroom, the virtual whiteboard is the working space for the lecturer and students, through which he presents various explanations, presentations and applications, and the system provides the ability to share them (share virtual whiteboard) between the lecturer and the students to achieve complete interaction.

Homework and exams

- The lecturer can easily conduct all kinds of tests through the remote system, such as the weekly, monthly and final exams, restricting the test time to a specific time, then the test is closed automatically and the score is calculated immediately.
- The lecturer can write all kinds of questions (yes / no / multiple choices / complete the sentence / arithmetic ... etc.
- The system can automatically correct tests and monitor test scores, assignments and various activities in a fast and simple way.
- The system can send the final evaluation to all students with just a click.

Data bank and library

The system can store thousands of files, photos, and pre-prepared tests under the supervision of the administration.
- The ability to save a copy of every test created or every file uploaded to the data bank according to an easy-to-access index.
- This index provides students and lecturers with complete and easy-to-return references for the benefit of all.

Annual Log To V Class- Cloud System Licensing System

1. Full responsibility on the company, not the customer.
2. Continuous development and obtaining the latest versions for free.
3. Technical support throughout the contract period and there is no need for an annual maintenance contract.
4. Provide high-speed Internet.
5. The cost of uploading files to Nabaa Soft.
6. Providing Server Administration Service.
7. Provide purchase of server and network equipment.
8. Entry from anywhere in the world.
9. Provide for the purchase of backup devices and follow-up.
10. Providing purchase of operating system licenses.
11. Provide purchase of database licenses.
12. Provide purchase protection from hacking and viruses.
13. Data secure and stored in more than one server and site in the world.
14. Protection from power failure.

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